Sierra Pregnancy & Health ’16

Sierra Pregnancy & Health ’16

Sierra Pregnancy & Health offers compassionate care, practical help and accurate information regarding unplanned pregnancy.

Sierra Pregnancy & Health’s (SPH) client advocates are here to help you through the decisions associated with an unplanned pregnancy. When you visit SPH we will provide you with a pregnancy test, and ultrasound referral to verify and determine the viability of your pregnancy. Then, you will meet with a client advocate one-on-one, or with your partner, to review your concerns, process your situation, and answer any questions you may have. Our care network is full of resources that can support your pregnancy help you ensure your health and well-being.  Sierra Pregnancy & Health provides the following no cost services:

Pregnancy Tests

SPH provides you with a self-administered, laboratory-quality urine pregnancy test. After reading your results, Sierra Pregnancy & Health client advocates will review next steps and options with you.

Pregnancy Confirmation by Ultrasound

If your pregnancy test is positive and you are eligible, you will receive a referral for a FREE medical ultrasound scan to help determine how far along you are and if your pregnancy is viable. Confirming a pregnancy and reviewing your choices is the safest way to make a healthy, confident decision.

Unplanned Pregnancy Decision Support

When facing a potential unplanned pregnancy, you may need a safe place, helpful resources, and informed people to help you take the next step. Sierra Pregnancy & Health client advocates help you identify your needs and listen to your concerns, guiding you through a decision-making process that helps you and your partner consider your next step.

Unplanned Pregnancy Support Program

Sierra Pregnancy & Health client advocates provide the pregnancy support you and your family need. Our care network has a wealth of information and referrals customized to meet your specific needs. Our resources and partner services provide women and their families resources such as:

emotional, spiritual and social support

community referrals

infant clothing and materials

parenting support

infant/labor/delivery/breastfeeding classes

After Abortion Support

Comprehensive support means that we are dedicated to our clients during and after an unplanned pregnancy. At SPH we understand that the decision-making process is difficult. That’s why we are committed to following through with resources and care  when a decision has been made.

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